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About Us

Hi! My name is Asif Nazeer I live in a very sunny country close to the equator called Sri Lanka which is an island nation just south of Indian subcontinent. If you want to know more about Sri Lanka please visit my website on Sri Lanka –


Why did I create this site? started out as a result of my growing frustration of dealing with web stores who wanted to sell me substandard products and charge premium prices. I also thought that there must be many others who have similar experience.


I also noticed that their was an alarming trend in bogus review and recommendation sites that promote products simply because they had high profits.


I realized that growing consumerism was putting more pressure on people to make more money to buy more things that they really didn’t need or want – what was worse is that many people are now getting into debt too to feed their obsession with shopping. Having more physical possessions rarely made anyone happy. Owning is not important – getting the best of what you own is.


Subsequently, I decided that enough is enough and developed a website that everyone can rely on for amazing new tech gadgets. I used some of the skills that I learnt over the years to make people more aware of new tech products entering the market.


I must disclose that I am earning a commission for the products that I promote on this website – however, I only promote products that my family or me have used and endorse personally. I also do host product reviews of friends whose judgement I respect to be fair and impartial. I realize that I do have a conflict of interest as I earn a commission for sales but I hope that the tools and information I provide will allow you to better assess your own needs and make the correct purchase decision.


I hope to use this website to sell innovative tech products.


Happy responsible shopping!

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